Freshmen Advice

There is so many things that you can do to have the best freshmen experience academically and socially. I think that socially the best thing you can do is just be yourself and try meeting all kinds of new people from around the school and not just talk to people you already know. I believe that going to school events is something that you should do because you’ll have a lot of fun and it’s a good opportunity to meet lots of new people. The way to do your best academically is to be organized with all your work, and take your grades serious by studying for test and exams. When you fall behind it can be hard to get caught up that’s why doing your work on time and being at school everyday is important. In high school the teachers won’t be on you to turn stuff in so it will be your responsibility to make sure that you do. In conclusion if you follow this little advice you’ll have a great freshmen year like I did.

Things I Love

I love home.

I love the hugs I get.

I love my families conversations and jokes.

I love the smell of cooking.

I love the way my house is decorated.

I love the smell of tropical candles.

I love the couch that is always waiting on me.

I love the memories I’ve made here.

I love my comfy bed.

I love my soft carpet.

I love my television that gives me hours of entertainment.

I love the walls that measured my height through the years.

I love the steps I ran up and down as a child.

I love the scent of clothes fresh out the dryer.

I love home.

Commenting On Blogs

There was many blogs around the world that I looked at and after seeing all of the blogs I picked three I liked the most to tell about. The three I picked had to do with things I enjoy and have compassion for. The first blog I picked was “Sahara’s Journey” blog about her school doing encouragement week because I thought it was a really positive thing to do. I think that whenever you have the chance to do something nice for  someone you should because you never know how that one good deed might change their day. The other blog I commented on was “Katie’s blog” because she was telling about holiday traditions and I love traditions and have so many with my family. Also, I commented on “Anna’s Artistic Blog” about poverty since I find the topic very fascinating and like learning about the stories of people who are affected. I strongly believe that there shouldn’t be any people that are deprived of the basic things that most people have to survive. Overall, the blogs I commented on all have to do with things that I like doing and researching about. The three blog topics are all things that I have wrote or mentioned on my blog’s.


Youth and Government Trip

YMCA Youth and Government is a program that lets high school students serve in a model government at all different positions in government at the statehouse. There is many lessons that can be learned from being apart of this program from leadership skills, teamwork and communicating with others. I had the pleasure of being apart of this program this year along with a few other people from my school. The program happens once a year downtown and last for three days and is open to all schools in Ohio. The mock government is ran by all high school students and they filled all of the roles of government.

Everyone had different jobs there was some teens whose job was to take pictures others who were presenting bills. The people from my school job was to create bills to present to the committee at the convention. I was partnered with a girl name Noor and we worked on are bill for many months it was about making Ohio a safe haven state for immigrants already living here. If a bill passed then it was took to the house chambers and was voted on and if it had the votes to win it was passed into law and if not it failed.

I had a great time on the trip we arrived to the Renaissance hotel on Thursday morning and had breakfast there with all the schools. Then we went to the statehouse heard some speeches in the chamber and went to each of our committees to start hearing bills. It was very fun and we got to go wherever we wanted for dinner. Later that night we had a party at the hotel for a few hours and had snacks, drinks and got to dance. On Friday we were in the chambers passing more bills into law for a few hours, and then I went to lunch downtown with my group for pizza and afterwards went to Tim Horton. The governor came and gave us all a really good speech about life that day. On are last night the schools walked to the YMCA and we got to do all the activities there. The schools left Saturday morning after we took a vote for office positions and ate breakfast. Overall the trip was a great experience that I will never forget, which was full with many great young people and counselors.

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The one thing that I love more then anything is my family who always bring me such joy and make every single one of my days great. The one thing in life that you can never change is who your related to. Having family that you get along with is good because they will always be there for you when you need them. I get along very well with my family every time I’m with them we always have a good time. The thing I love doing the most with my family is going on vacation because we always have fun seeing and trying new things together. Two of my favorite vacations I ever took with my family was last summer and spring break. Last spring break I my brother, mom, aunt and her two kids went on a seven day cruise in the Southern Caribbean. While we were there went to many islands Puerto Rico, St.Kitts, St. Marten and many others. On are vacation we had such a great time seeing many beautiful places and trying all different kinds of food. The other trip during summer break I my mom, aunt and grandma went to Las Vegas for five days. When I was In Vegas we went shopping and got to see and try a lot of cool things. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family that brings me so much joy and pride. They are always there no matter what and would do anything to help  each other.

Free Rice Review

There are many problems people face in the world but one of the biggest is world hunger the way I thought to do something about it was to do free rice. Free rice is a program that donates 10 grains of rice for every question that you get correct. I think that it is a very great thing that the program does and the game is very easy to play and you can do it for as long as you want to. There are all different subjects that you can play science, math, english along with other topics. I like the game because you play it and you are doing something positive by feeding the hungry. Through free rice 96 billion grains of rice has been donated to date.

Child Poverty

For the 2017 Blogging Challenge students complete activities each week about certain themes. This week’s theme was about global issues and the one I chose to talk about was one that effects many people around the world and that is child poverty. The meaning of child poverty is a kid whose family is poor or a orphan that has limited resources. The kids that live in poverty don’t have the basic resources that most kids should have such as food, housing, education and clean water to drink. The kids that are homeless are at higher risk of having many problems mental illnesses, being sexually exploited, physical  According to, a study in 2013 children in other country were living off of $ 1.90 a day or less per person. That is not much money at all to be able to have all of the things you need to survive. Around the world in 2013 6.3 million children under the age of 5 died from hunger. The number of children that die from hunger each day and year is heart-breaking to hear, nearly 17,000 kids will die every single day. Children that are homeless are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, suicide, poor health and nutrition along with low self esteem. There is more difficulty for homeless kids to attend schools do to lack of records and not having transportation, so as a result homeless kids often have a hard time supporting themselves financially and getting a education. There is a greater chance of homeless kids exchanging sex for food, clothing and shelter or dealing drugs to get by. It is guessed that 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.These are terribly things that should never have to happen to any kids on this earth. There shouldn’t have to be any kids that everyday they have to fight to survive and wonder where they will sleep and or where there next meal will come from. Many people often complain about the little things that go wrong in the their life instead of counting their blessing because someone in the world is has it way worst off than you. Everyone should do everything they can do so that no kid has to experience this awful things.

I am Autumn

dsc_2512.jpg - pond in autumnJincks, Becky. dsc_2512.jpg. November 2013. Pics4Learning. 24 Mar 2017

I am Autumn.

I am beautiful, unique, powerful and confusing all at once.
Many people look at and wonder why I change how I look so often.
I often wonder the same thing.
The leaves on my long gorgeous limbs are bright, extraordinary and special.
I’m a part of nature.
The past.
The Future.
Lots of people have tried to tear me down, but I still stand.
I breath and feel just like everyone else does.
The admiration and love from others for me is overwhelming wonderful.
You may not notice, but I’m always there watching.
Just look outside and you’ll see me.

The Way You Should Comment

There are many different ways people comment online and on posts that are often the wrong way of commenting, in this post I’m going to tell you the best steps on how to make the best comment you can possible. 

  1. You should always read the entire story  or entry of writing first before you even think about commenting.
  2. Think for a little after you read to fully get what the reading was about.
  3. Make sure when you are ready to start commenting you quote and state things from the reading.
  4. Don’t make the comment to general that you could be put on anything
  5. You should always try to make your comment positive and not put the person who posted it down.
  6. Try uses a range of different words when talking  about the topic and not basic words.
  7. Go back through it and check for punctuation.

Lastly, make sure you have fun with it and don’t make it to serious and be playful with it and enjoy looking at my post and other people’s post. I hope that on some of your pages that I have read you find my comments enjoyable and nice to read and reply to.