I am Autumn

dsc_2512.jpg - pond in autumnJincks, Becky. dsc_2512.jpg. November 2013. Pics4Learning. 24 Mar 2017

I am Autumn.

I am beautiful, unique, powerful and confusing all at once.
Many people look at and wonder why I change how I look so often.
I often wonder the same thing.
The leaves on my long gorgeous limbs are bright, extraordinary and special.
I’m a part of nature.
The past.
The Future.
Lots of people have tried to tear me down, but I still stand.
I breath and feel just like everyone else does.
The admiration and love from others for me is overwhelming wonderful.
You may not notice, but I’m always there watching.
Just look outside and you’ll see me.

The Way You Should Comment

There are many different ways people comment online and on posts that are often the wrong way of commenting, in this post I’m going to tell you the best steps on how to make the best comment you can possible. 

  1. You should always read the entire story  or entry of writing first before you even think about commenting.
  2. Think for a little after you read to fully get what the reading was about.
  3. Make sure when you are ready to start commenting you quote and state things from the reading.
  4. Don’t make the comment to general that you could be put on anything
  5. You should always try to make your comment positive and not put the person who posted it down.
  6. Try uses a range of different words when talking  about the topic and not basic words.
  7. Go back through it and check for punctuation.

Lastly, make sure you have fun with it and don’t make it to serious and be playful with it and enjoy looking at my post and other people’s post. I hope that on some of your pages that I have read you find my comments enjoyable and nice to read and reply to.