Child Poverty

For the 2017 Blogging Challenge students complete activities each week about certain themes. This week’s theme was about global issues and the one I chose to talk about was one that effects many people around the world and that is child poverty. The meaning of child poverty is a kid whose family is poor or a orphan that has limited resources. The kids that live in poverty don’t have the basic resources that most kids should have such as food, housing, education and clean water to drink. The kids that are homeless are at higher risk of having many problems mental illnesses, being sexually exploited, physical  According to, a study in 2013 children in other country were living off of $ 1.90 a day or less per person. That is not much money at all to be able to have all of the things you need to survive. Around the world in 2013 6.3 million children under the age of 5 died from hunger. The number of children that die from hunger each day and year is heart-breaking to hear, nearly 17,000 kids will die every single day. Children that are homeless are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, suicide, poor health and nutrition along with low self esteem. There is more difficulty for homeless kids to attend schools do to lack of records and not having transportation, so as a result homeless kids often have a hard time supporting themselves financially and getting a education. There is a greater chance of homeless kids exchanging sex for food, clothing and shelter or dealing drugs to get by. It is guessed that 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.These are terribly things that should never have to happen to any kids on this earth. There shouldn’t have to be any kids that everyday they have to fight to survive and wonder where they will sleep and or where there next meal will come from. Many people often complain about the little things that go wrong in the their life instead of counting their blessing because someone in the world is has it way worst off than you. Everyone should do everything they can do so that no kid has to experience this awful things.

2 thoughts on “Child Poverty

  1. Many kids end up in the streets because they don’t have the necessities they need to survive but one thing I ask myself is why isn’t their parents doing something about it? I feel horrible for those people struggling to get through every and single day but why isn’t the rest of the world paying attention to what is happening. I often see social experiments on homeless people and it’s so devastating to see how they pick food over any other thing. They could choose clothes, a blanket, or money and they end up choosing food. All they want is to survive. I enjoyed reading your post about poverty and honestly it was better than mine. You brought in feelings and made me as the reader feel bad for the things that aren’t happening to get the children what they need, mostly because they are just beginning to live and are only children.

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