The one thing that I love more then anything is my family who always bring me such joy and make every single one of my days great. The one thing in life that you can never change is who your related to. Having family that you get along with is good because they will always be there for you when you need them. I get along very well with my family every time I’m with them we always have a good time. The thing I love doing the most with my family is going on vacation because we always have fun seeing and trying new things together. Two of my favorite vacations I ever took with my family was last summer and spring break. Last spring break I my brother, mom, aunt and her two kids went on a seven day cruise in the Southern Caribbean. While we were there went to many islands Puerto Rico, St.Kitts, St. Marten and many others. On are vacation we had such a great time seeing many beautiful places and trying all different kinds of food. The other trip during summer break I my mom, aunt and grandma went to Las Vegas for five days. When I was In Vegas we went shopping and got to see and try a lot of cool things. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family that brings me so much joy and pride. They are always there no matter what and would do anything to help  each other.

4 thoughts on “Family

  1. It’s really heartwarming how much you care about your family. I too love my family. I am so lucky to have a family too. I like the sentence,”The one thing in life that you can never change is who you’re related to.”
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  2. i like that you love and care so much, family is always going to be there no matter what. My family right now isn’t in the greatest of shape because there is a lot going on but once that is over then everything will be good. My family on my dads side is so much fun and loving.

  3. I think quarreling is part of being a family and sometimes it is really helpful to clear the air. That being sad, I feel a lot of love radiating from your text. You appreciate what you have and that is great. You wrote that you get along whenever you spend time with your family, thus I’d like to know: are there times whan you can’t be with them? Do you live somewhere else?

    Greetings from Austria

    • Thanks for coming and reading my blog I’m glad you liked it. To answer your question we don’t always get to spend time together because of our busy schedules, I live in the same part of Ohio as most of them. I went and visited your site I liked the creative doughnut background.

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