Freshmen Advice

There is so many things that you can do to have the best freshmen experience academically and socially. I think that socially the best thing you can do is just be yourself and try meeting all kinds of new people from around the school and not just talk to people you already know. I believe that going to school events is something that you should do because you’ll have a lot of fun and it’s a good opportunity to meet lots of new people. The way to do your best academically is to be organized with all your work, and take your grades serious by studying for test and exams. When you fall behind it can be hard to get caught up that’s why doing your work on time and being at school everyday is important. In high school the teachers won’t be on you to turn stuff in so it will be your responsibility to make sure that you do. In conclusion if you follow this little advice you’ll have a great freshmen year like I did.

Things I Love

I love home.

I love the hugs I get.

I love my families conversations and jokes.

I love the smell of cooking.

I love the way my house is decorated.

I love the smell of tropical candles.

I love the couch that is always waiting on me.

I love the memories I’ve made here.

I love my comfy bed.

I love my soft carpet.

I love my television that gives me hours of entertainment.

I love the walls that measured my height through the years.

I love the steps I ran up and down as a child.

I love the scent of clothes fresh out the dryer.

I love home.

Commenting On Blogs

There was many blogs around the world that I looked at and after seeing all of the blogs I picked three I liked the most to tell about. The three I picked had to do with things I enjoy and have compassion for. The first blog I picked was “Sahara’s Journey” blog about her school doing encouragement week because I thought it was a really positive thing to do. I think that whenever you have the chance to do something nice for  someone you should because you never know how that one good deed might change their day. The other blog I commented on was “Katie’s blog” because she was telling about holiday traditions and I love traditions and have so many with my family. Also, I commented on “Anna’s Artistic Blog” about poverty since I find the topic very fascinating and like learning about the stories of people who are affected. I strongly believe that there shouldn’t be any people that are deprived of the basic things that most people have to survive. Overall, the blogs I commented on all have to do with things that I like doing and researching about. The three blog topics are all things that I have wrote or mentioned on my blog’s.