A Birthday Picture for Hermine

I am very simple, but at the same time very complex. From a first glance at me you wouldn’t know that I am so profound, however the longer you do stare you see all of the little details about me. I am a bright ball of light with many people inside of my head turning and flipping. My hair is made out of sharp lines and my arms are made of twigs. It took a long time for me to become who I am now. At first I was very simple when I started then as more things happened to me I became more layered. The sky I see around me is made of  brilliant deep blues blues and passionate grey’s that swirl together to make perfection. I am a exquisite work of art because the more you get to know me the more you will find out.

Image result for robert rauschenberg a birthday picture to hermine

By: Robert Rauschenberg
(A birthday picture for Hermine), 1952


There is many different sounds in the world that people love to hear and makes them want to jump with cheer and there are sounds you hate hear that makes you want to scream. I like the sounds of busy cities on rainy days and the sounds on a beach. When I think of raining in big cities I imagine New York with dogs barking, people walking fast in the streets as cars honk loud with their lights blinking as they splash through puddles swiftly. Also, I like the relaxing sound of the beach the waves swooshing back and forth with the sound of seagulls singing high in the sky and the sound of people laughing as their feet squish in the wet sand. The sound I dislike the most is scratching on a chalkboard it makes me want to yell and makes my skin crawl.

Book Preview

The book that I’m reading is called We were liars this book is by the brilliant author E. Lockhart. This book is wrote amazingly and the author really captures the emotion that people have and the things they go through. The book is about a girl name Cadence and her family the Sinclairs who are a perfect white rich family where no one is needy and no one fails at anything.  During the summer the family goes to their grandparents private island where they live and terrible incidents and events happen that will make them lie to each other, not only will these accidents make some of them closer but pull some of them apart. This book is a thrilling, mystery that will  keep you on the edge of your seat wondering who’s lying and who’s telling the truth it has been compared to the best-selling book Gone Girl.